Servlet Examples with Code

This is a collection of examples which demonstrate some of the more frequently used parts of the Servlet API. Familiarity with the Java(tm) Programming Language is assumed.

These examples will only work when viewed via an http URL. They will not work if you are viewing these pages via a "file://..." URL. Please refer to the README file provide with this Tomcat release regarding how to configure and start the provided web server.

Wherever you see a form, enter some data and see how the servlet reacts. When playing with the Cookie and Session Examples, jump back to the Headers Example to see exactly what your browser is sending the server.

To navigate your way through the examples, the following icons will help:
Execute the example
Look at the source code for the example
Return to this screen

Tip: To see the cookie interactions with your browser, try turning on the "notify when setting a cookie" option in your browser preferences. This will let you see when a session is created and give some feedback when looking at the cookie demo.
Hello World Execute Source
Request Info Execute Source
Request Headers Execute Source
Request Parameters Execute Source
Cookies Execute Source
Sessions Execute 中国竞彩网能Source

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